New website goes live!

Yesterday evening, Saturday 28th September 2013, the new combined website went live. It feels like Apollo taking off. :-) Well done to Conor Cahill and Sile Ginnane of Fluidedge for all their work and patience!

I say combined because we have added two new domain names and therefore websites to since 2009 when Building Life Consultancy was launched by the Minister for Environment. Those domain names are and The latter name related to becoming the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics's Irish co-operation partner in 2011. It also underscores our leading role in hygrothermal evaluation in Ireland.

Initially two, then three, sites seemed a great way of trying to create separate identities and content, and was a way of getting away from the non-existent content management of the original JLA website, however it was unwieldy, and didn't help the punter who arrived on the JLA website due to Little's name ('yeh, there's this architect over in Dublin who can assess those things') but looking for a Building Life Consultancy's service, nor did it help that we had a lot of common content! Now the JLA domain name dominates and, using the BLC and Wufi domain names, funnels users who known the other domain names to the building fabric consultancy part of the site: it all makes loads of sense.

Thanks to Libby Carton of Carton LeVert and Fluidedge the site also has a new serious, professional look.

We look forward to adding new content easier, increased customers and more business!


Sunday, September 29, 2013