Increasing the penetration of external wall insulation retrofits


Quote from the Fine Gael-Labour’s ‘Government for National Recovery 2011-2016′


We will double funding for home energy efficiency and renewable energy programmes until the end of 2013, after which time these schemes will be ended. After 2013, we will roll out a ‘pay as you save’ scheme to continue home energy efficiency retrofitting work without recourse to public funding. We will explore the use of funding options such as an Energy Efficiency Obligation on energy suppliers”


Looking at the statistics (from HES Scheme reports) EWI is not being taken up nationwide in sufficient numbers (it’s 1% of grant aided work) despite it having the largest HES grant, its big impact on primary energy use, the fact that it compliments building physics so well, and the fact that it can be done without loss of space within house or inconveniencing occupants etc.


We think EWI grant should be for €5K. The costs of set-up (incl. moving windows, downpipes, etc.) to get the highest quality, low thermal bridging result are expensive.


However I also think a further increase in grant should be allowed for EWI works where adjoining neighbours (be they on a terrace or semi-Ds) get the works done together. Perhaps €7K for each of these houses.

This change could have a big effect in many mid 20th C. housing estates, move the market significantly, and greatly reduce carbon emissions and energy use in this category of dwelling. Importantly it would also help in locations where there’s a lot of mixed ownership: social, voluntary and private housing. That mix has often frustrated local authorities in applying a global approach in areas they built but now have low ownership.



Friday, March 11, 2011