Sallins Green Roof


Joseph Little, sub-contracting to The Architecture Company, brought the project from post-Planning through tender documentation (for all buildings) and completion of construction of Phase 1 (terraced and duplex housing) and the first half of Phase 2 (commercial, carpark and apartments).   The Planning documents were created at the height of the Boom in a rush. Little's job was to put manners on them and make sure the completed building's at least complied with minimum standards. It was a tough job.  

This ‘intensive’ green roof was the largest constructed in Ireland in 2006-7.  Its construction design features EPDM playing surfaces for ball games and another for toddlers, lawns, timber decked areas, paved walkways, table tennis decks and seating.   

Raised planters (some high enough to take trees) line the edge of the higher roof and are used for visual accents elsewhere.  High quality Bauder products were specified for membranes and roof protection.   

Zinc clad stairwells with butterfly-shaped roofs push up into the roof giving all residents access to this important amenity.